Step 1

Begin by undressing and put on your hat. Spend 10 minutes warming up in the Banya to acclimate your body to the elevated temperatures. Afterward, step out, re-dress in your robe, and unwind for an additional 10 minutes in the lounge while enjoying a soothing cup of herbal tea.

Step 2

Return to the Banya for a 10-minute warm-up, and for an extra treat, opt for the Parenie treatment (additional fee). This specialized experience, led by our skilled Banshik, involves gentle stroking and patting with a venik (leafy birch broom) to disperse hot air, boost circulation, and enhance detoxification. Alternatively, you can purchase your own venik to perform the ritual yourself.

Step 3

Exit the Banya and cool down your body by immersing yourself in the snow room, taking a dip in the plunge pool, or enjoying a refreshing session under the cold bucket shower. This step not only provides a sense of euphoria and relaxation but can be repeated with 10-minute breaks for an enhanced experience (recommended up to 3 times).

Step 4

Conclude your journey by giving your body the rest it deserves or indulging in additional treatments. Return to the inviting lounge where you can savor traditional Slavic food and drinks in good company. A night of blissful sleep awaits, ensuring a perfect end to your experience.

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