For the full banya experience, it is essential to try parenie and venik. Your banshchik will create the perfect steam environment in a private room, using soaked leaf veniks to provide benefits like weight loss, detox, skin rejuvenation, and improved metabolism. The leaf aroma enhances relaxation.

  • Parenie with Oak Venik 15 Mins
  • 4 Hands 25 Mins


The manipulation of both superficial and deep layers of muscle and connective tissue in this treatment aims to improve function, facilitate the healing process, reduce muscle reflex activity, inhibit the excitability of motor neurons, and promote relaxation and overall well-being

  • Facial and Head Massage 30 Mins
  • Deep Tissue Massage 60 or 90 Mins
  • Aromatherapy 60 or 90 Mins
  • Swedish 60 or 90 Mins


A body wash is administered on our heated stone surface, employing either a scrub mitt or natural bast, and featuring the use of traditional tar or olive oil soap. This indulgent cleansing experience will leave your skin radiant and immaculate.

  • Body Wash 15 Mins
  • Body Wash with Massage 35 Mins


Following the revitalizing steam session in the banya and the parenie ritual, your skin is primed for a thorough body scrub. This treatment deeply hydrates, leaving your skin incredibly soft and smooth. We offer organic options that align with the banya's natural surroundings, including sea salt for exfoliation, soothing organic honey, or invigorating coffee.

  • Forrest Scrub 15 Mins

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